Why I love branding workshops!

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One of my favourite aspects of my work as a branding consultant is helping clients to gain a better understanding of their brand. A branding workshop is the perfect way to achieve this; using structured exercises and facilitated discussion to uncover in-depth insights and develop strategies to help you move forward with your unique offering.

Why take part in a branding workshop?

If you’re feeling a little lost and in need of some direction, a branding workshop can help to highlight any areas suffering from a lack of focus. By taking the time to explore the issues your brand faces, workshops can enable you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you stand for. This form of brand discovery enables you to carve out a robust positioning that better reflects your vision, mission, values, and promise.

Wendy Molefi-Youri, director of the Vital Wellness Clinic in St Albans, had a typical branding problem, and needed some help to determine her next move.

“I was acutely conscious of the fact that my brand was sub-standard. In fact to be honest, I didn’t really have a brand as such! I wasn’t even entirely happy with the name of my business. It did what it said on the tin and that was it,” she says.

“At our first meeting, Aarti coached me through a SWOT analysis of my business. This was an invaluable exercise as it allowed me to revisit my whole ‘What, Why, How and Values’ regarding the business. I found myself completely re-energised, motivated and very much reconnected with my vision.”

Defining your brand

By the end of a branding workshop, my clients have the answers they are looking for. The time we spend together will enable you to define your brand, objectives, target audiences, brand placement in the market and your overarching values. We work together and plan best to tailor a unique and realistic solution for you.

With Wendy, we sat down for a brainstorming session around brand identity and potential business names.

“Aarti was very instrumental in the entire process, guiding, coaching, suggesting and, most importantly, listening to and taking onboard my ideas and expectations,” she says.

Once key decisions have been made, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can move on to make solid changes that will help you to brand your business more effectively. In Wendy’s case, this involved designing a logo that encapsulated her brand values, designing corporate stationery, and social media profiles.

The results following a branding workshop are so satisfying, and I always enjoy watching my clients go from strength to strength with a renewed energy for promoting and marketing their brand.

“It has been a complete transformation,” says Wendy, following our branding workshop. “I have a brand that I am truly proud of and happy to show off!”

If you are interested in how a branding workshop could boost your own brand presence, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call me on 07557 768107 to set up a meeting today.

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