Top 5 Branding Trends

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The basics of branding are timeless: it’s always about communicating your brand values in a consistent and intuitive way. But the way we do branding is always evolving, with new branding trends reflecting the latest developments in technology as well as what’s happening in the wider business world. Keep up with the competition and promote your business by adopting some of these top branding trends.

1.    Fuss-free immediacy

Branding in 2018 is very much about short, easy-to-understand brand identities and key messages. More than ever, people are time poor with multiple demands on their attention, so brands need a clear, succinct look and feel. Whatever you are selling, the impression you make in people’s minds has to be immediate. There’s no room for ambiguity – your brand has only seconds to make its mark and attract customers.

2.    Cross-platform branding

Brand identities today need to work across all platforms, including electronic formats like social media profiles, websites and apps. The most successful brands have a simple, clean look and feel that is recognisable instantly everywhere from thumbnail images to billboards. This will support a cross-platform marketing strategy so that your message remains clear and consistent across all media.

3.   Human connections

When it’s stripped right down, branding is all about reaching out and building connections. Today’s businesses are starting to latch on to the power of genuine, authentic human-to-human connection and communication. Business success is built on people, so there’s a trend towards improving work culture, as companies begin to understand that if their employees are happy, they will provide better results for the business. With that in mind, we’re seeing a greater focus on mindfulness and wellbeing in business brands.

4.    Internal branding

Looking inwards once again, another key trend is internal branding. Internal brand communications and the work culture within the company are important if companies are to attract the right people to make the brand a success, so the company reputation to existing and potential employees is of vital importance. Businesses must ensure that their brand values go right to the core of the organisation, so that employees live and breathe the brand identity.

5.    Social media influence

We’ve seen how human connections are important in marketing. Today’s brands are waking up to the importance of bloggers, online reviewers and other influencers who can help them to build up a good reputation to attract consumers. Many brands actively seek out influencers who share their brand values, particularly on social media platforms, in order to attract new clients and build up customer loyalty.

But before you can adopt any of these branding strategies, you need to have the basics in place. You can’t promote your brand values to staff, if you don’t have a good understanding of what they are. Similarly, it’s difficult to know which influencers are best placed to help you market your product, if you haven’t worked out which audiences you’re focusing on.

I can help you to gain a true understanding of the core values and brand foundation of your business. I work from the inside out, helping you to develop a brand identity and brand experience that will help you stand out. Find out more about the branding services I offer, and contact me to book a consultation.

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