A whole host of different businesses attend my branding workshops, offering a variety of products or services. They each come with their own stories, their ‘why’s’ and their outcomes of what they hope to take away from the day.

Let’s take a closer look…

1.      Taking business to the next level

Luxury wedding cake creator, Karisha Pithwa, has grown a reputation as one of the UK’s leading wedding cake designers. Despite her thriving business, Crème de la Cakes, Karisha was looking to take things to the next level. Finding clarity to help her position her brand and create a clearer vision of the way people perceive it was crucial. Having other people striving for the same result meant that attendees were able to bounce ideas off of one another throughout the workshop.

“It is so easy to get swept away”

Karisha’s main takeaways;

  • A clearer vision – gained an outsider’s perspective and could see what was missing.
  • Implement new ideas – worksheets helped create a plan of action for new ideas.
  • Look forward – Karisha now knows what she wants and is equipped to work towards that vision.

“Put that fire in my belly again”

Karisha walked away from the workshop with an empowered vision and a new lease of life and is looking forward to taking her business to the next level.

2.      The right direction

Jude Hughes, Head of Marketing at advertising agency My Mustard PPC, was searching for confirmation of the brand and a stronger direction for the future. Over a decade old, it is for a brand to outgrow the current business.

 “Plants a brand seed in your mind and allows it to grow”

Jude’s main takeaways;

  • Fresh insight – a new vision of the My Mustard personality and how to portray it.
  • Confidence – left with confidence in her ideas and the newfound direction of the business.
  • New inspiration – the workshop gave her the tools to learn more and listen to others’ thoughts and experiences.

 “I now feel inspired, safe in the knowledge I’m going in the right direction”

Jude now has the ability to create a more established brand and refresh past ideas to suit the current face of the business.

3.      Gaining perspective

The Virtual Marketeer, Joolz Joseph, was looking for a new perspective. Setting up the company in September 2013, Joolz hit a crossroads when she expanded the business without adjusting her branding to suit this. Naturally focussed on the marketing side, she soon realised the importance of authentic branding and how to implement this across all of her communication channels.

“Provided a great opportunity to take a step back and get some perspective”

Joolz’ main takeaways;

  • An understanding – of both her current brand and how to effectively market and develop it.
  • Communication – learning new ways of communicating.
  • Gained perspective – hearing others thoughts as well as reaffirming her own.

“Fantastic insights, expertly delivered with thought-provoking discussion and actionable outcomes.”

Attending the brand workshop allowed Joolz to open up about her ideas and worries in a comfortable and supportive setting, leaving her with a new brand perspective and a rebrand.

4.      Defining brand personality

Trauma Coach Louise Howarth was looking to gain the expertise needed to boost her business.

 “Receive invaluable 1:1 focus”

Louise’s main takeaways;

  • Build foundations – newly equipped with the tools and advice needed to build her brand.
  • Find focus – this can easily get lost, but feedback and advice from likeminded business owners provided clarity.
  • Think strategically – knowing what can be achieved in a short space of time with the right strategy plan.

“Helped me gain clarity and focus which I was lacking prior”

It is so important to define and maintain your brand personality, so you can encompass it in everything you do. Following an insightful brand workshop, Louise is now able to move forward with her new brand personality.

5.      Learning consistency

Positioning himself as a business, as well as an individual, Business Management Consultant David Hardstaff was searching for extra support and affirmation in his own ideas and branding.

“Helps you to focus on what message you want to put across, and what values you want to reflect”

David’s main takeaways;

  • Structured approach – with his type of business and working for himself, this is needed to achieve his goals.
  • Consistency – implement this across all content, marketing, networking etc.
  • Additional support – this can be extremely insightful when used to working as an individual.

David needed a chance to revisit his branding with the support and views of others. Having done this, he can now return to the drawing board and revive the messaging he is putting out to his target audience and done a rebrand.

What’s your story? Whether you are in the early stages of your business or have years of experience under your belt, attending a brand workshop can help you identify, energise and rediscover your brand.

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