8 Signs That Your Business May Need A Rebrand

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Has your business been established for some time? Perhaps it’s evolved from its original incarnation, or your marketing material feels tired and outdated? If your business and your brand are no longer in sync, it may be time to think about a rebrand. Here, I’ll examine some good reasons to rebrand a business, and explore what’s involved in a brand refresh.

Does my business need a rebrand?

Branding exists to reflect and communicate the key values and messages of your business. If your marketing doesn’t send out the right signals to your customers, your business will suffer. Wondering whether to undergo a rebrand? Here are some of the signs to look out for:

  • Your brand identity is looking dull or dated. Perhaps it’s simply down to an old-fashioned design, but it could be enough to put customers off, especially in fields where being on-trend is key. You should be proud of your brand, so if you often find yourself explaining why your website or business card is outdated, this is a sign that your branding is ready for a revamp.
  • You have expanded your offering since you first started the business – perhaps you started off as a hairdresser and have broadened your services to include nails and make-up, for example.
  • People are browsing on your website or coming to your shop, but you’re not making sales. This is a sign that your marketing messages may be confusing, or targeting the wrong demographic, so rebranding your business may help.
  • The industry has evolved since you launched your business, and you are feeling left behind. Fast-moving sectors like IT are constantly changing, so if you wish to be seen as an expert in your field, your branding needs to keep up.
  • Your brand name is associated with something negative, attracting attention for the wrong reasons.
  • You’ve had negative publicity that you wish to put behind you. Bad reviews or negative media coverage could be managed by making a new start with a brand refresh – as long as you also tackle the issues behind the unfavourable reviews.
  • For whatever reason, your current brand identity doesn’t accurately reflect your company mission, vision, and values.
  • If you’re unable to attract the best talent or retain staff, this might be because your brand appears mediocre to candidates. Craft surveys which reveal how likely it is that subjects would work for your company. The answers might reveal some branding flaws that you were unaware of.

If one or more of these pain points ring true, it’s probably time you considered rebranding your business.

A successful rebrand

Your brand refresh will require as much thought as your initial launch. Repositioning yourself in the market is a process that needs careful planning and research, if it’s to have the impact you want.

  • Decide whether your rebranding process will involve a visual refresh or a full strategic overhaul. These two forms of rebranding often go hand in hand, with the look and feel of the refreshed marketing materials reflecting a deeper change of direction in mission and values. However, it is possible to have one without the other. If you simply need to bring your logo design up to date or wish to adjust your branding to be more attractive to your target audience, you may only require a visual brand refresh.
  • Revisit your business with a fresh pair of eyes. A branding discovery workshop can help you focus in detail on your core values, helping to clarify your objectives and identify your target audience. All of these are vital in order to create a brand that works to achieve your business goals.
  • Don’t get hung up on using your favourite fonts, colours or tone of voice – although it’s your business, your rebrand isn’t about creating a design that appeals to you. Instead, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your target demographic and craft a brand that will attract their attention.
  • Stay on the ball. Even when you’ve finished rebranding your business, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels. Resolve to revisit your branding (this might be your business card, website or other marketing collateral) at regular intervals to ensure that it’s still sending out the right messages to your customers.

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