How Mindfulness in Business can Play an Important Role in your Brand Identity

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mindfulness in business

You’ve probably heard of the concept of mindfulness, a state that can help individuals to shake off the everyday stresses of life by focusing on the here and now. If mindfulness to you conjures up meditation or yoga, you might wonder how this is relevant to the world of business. The answers may surprise you! Here, I’ll explain how mindfulness in business can work, why it’s a good idea, and the benefits it can bring to your brand.

What is mindfulness?

Simply put, mindfulness is the process of focusing the mind without emotion or judgement. Being mindful involves becoming truly aware of the present moment, using the senses to discern information about it – but then, crucially, being able to let it go. If a thought or sensation provokes anger or fear, the mindful person notes these emotions dispassionately and moves on.

Letting go

How can we use mindfulness in business? We all bring pre-conceived ideas to work with us. Some of these are held so close that it’s difficult to let go – even if it’s apparent, objectively, that they’re bad for business. A mindful approach to business can help us to detach from our cherished ideas and see the true state of affairs more open-mindedly.

Working with others in a team, mindfulness is an especially productive approach. When each person can let go of their ego and their desire for individual recognition, it becomes possible to collaborate in a genuine and authentic way, resulting in business ideas that are truly effective and free from ego.

Brand authenticity through mindfulness

When it comes to branding, it’s important for your business to be authentic. Customers will see through fakes and phonies and they’ll avoid brands who jump on a bandwagon just to make money.  To develop truly authentic and meaningful branding that communicates your core values, however, you need to live and breathe these values throughout your business.

Mindfulness in business is an important tool that can help you get in touch with your brand’s core beliefs, character, values, personality and value proposition.

One key concept that recurs again and again when practising mindfulness is that everything you need can be accessed from within. Whatever meaning or truth you have been seeking – you’ll find it internally, rather than externally. And, however trite it may sound, the same is true of your business values. There’s no point in striving to be something you’re not – customers will see through it. By practising a more mindful approach to running your business, you’ll be able to use your authentic brand identity to really stand behind the words in your brand tagline or slogan.

Employee wellbeing

It’s not just in the boardroom that mindfulness can bring business benefits. Encouraging employees to practise mindfulness, whether by offering dedicated training courses or simply giving them time to perform breathing exercises, can be an extremely effective way to promote wellbeing. You’re likely to lower the number of sick days taken, reduce stress in your employees and help individuals to stay “on task”. All of this adds up to a more productive and happier workplace.

To find out more about mindfulness in business and why it’s important to your branding, feel free to get in touch to discuss.

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