5 Reasons It’s Important To Know Your Brand Personality

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What’s your brand personality and why does it matter? Whatever the characteristics of your brand, whether you’re innovative and free-thinking or dependable and serious, expressing your brand identity should be a fundamental part of your marketing strategy.

Here’s why it’s important to develop, understand and capitalise on your brand’s own unique persona.

1.   Establish an emotional connection

Although we like to think we’re rational beings, it’s amazing how much of our decision-making is influenced by emotions, rather than hard facts. Think about it: who really gets excited by unlabelled engine fuel, or passionate about plain packets of pasta? Human beings are naturally engaged by personalities, not objects, and will react to personal characteristics more strongly than they do to unadorned things. So, establishing an emotional connection with consumers via your brand personality is a vital task in order to attract new prospects and increase sales.

2.   Be consistent and dependable

Without a conscious brand personality, it’s more difficult to present a consistent image of your company. More so, consistency is important because it cements a feeling of dependability; whatever the weather, your brand can be trusted to offer the same, unfailing qualities through thick and thin. This dependability is vital if you want to build up a regular and reliable customer base through brand loyalty.

3.   Set yourself apart from the competition

When deciding which brand to choose (and stay loyal to), customers need to understand what makes you tick. Why? Because your brand personality isn’t really all about you; it’s just as much about your customers and their own self-image. Much of our identities are bound up in our consumer choices meaning that you can really tell a lot about a person by where they buy their clothes, or what they drink as their tipple of choice.

So, by having a clear and consistent brand that imbues everything you do, you’ll be able to set yourself apart more easily, position yourself in the market and provide a compelling reason for customers to choose your product over the competition.

4.   Reach the right customers

Once you’ve found your distinct voice, you’ll be able to reach out to new customers too. Your branding can help them find their way to you, through friends with similar interests or even other products that your typical buyer persona is into. You can use your brand personality proactively, to target your advertising towards the groups who will identify most with your business/company.

5.   Drive product development

With a brand personality established, branching out in new directions is made much easier. You’ll have a clear idea of your typical customer, their age, sex, family setup and likes and dislikes. This will enable you to better predict how they’ll react to your new wares. You can also use this customer persona to generate ideas for new products by predicting trends within your customer base and keeping an eye on what matters to them.

If you’re inspired to work on your brand personality and need some ideas to help you get started, why not drop me a line?

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