Influencing Customers Using Your Brand

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Have you considered the potential power of persuasion locked up behind your brand? Influencing customers using your brand is all about gaining brand loyalty, engaging with your audience and building up a two-way relationship that benefits you both. Sounds simple? Here’s how to do it!

Mutual gain: what you (both) really, really want

There’s a lot to gain if you can use your brand to influence customers and change their behaviour. Importantly though, the benefits need to be two sided. So in order to be truly influential, you need to think about what your audience stands to gain by behaving the way you want them to, as well as the boost it will give to your business.

  • More sales. Influencing customers to buy your products is the holy grail of any business, transforming brand awareness and customer loyalty into solid profits for your company. But you can’t force customers to choose your brand. So, to influence your audience and persuade them to pick your products, you need to show them how buying your product or using your services will improve their lives.
  • Raised awareness. Your influence will inspire customers to share their good experience with your brand, spreading the word about your business in the most effective way possible – word of mouth. And if you play it right, that’s something they will want to do off their own bat. Recommendations from trusted friends are cherished by consumers, because they cut through the marketing speak to reveal the truth about the products and services they buy. Good online reviews have a similar function, so it’s worth asking happy customers to share their experience.
  • A force for good. If you’re passionate about changing the world and making a difference, your brand can be a part of that. Whether it’s raising cash for a good cause or getting more people to recycle, your brand can help to make the change. Influencing customers to act will give you an army of sympathetic people who feel good about their actions.

How to be persuasive

So, what’s the secret of an influential brand? Influencing your customers is a tricky art. Nobody likes to feel manipulated or pushed – and coming from a brand, this approach simply won’t work; you’ll alienate your audience and they’ll simply turn elsewhere.

Instead, what’s needed is a well-nurtured relationship where customers feel valued and are motivated to act in the ways that you want. Successful brands know how to engage with their existing audience and inspire them to act. Having taken the time to get to know their audience, they understand what makes them tick, so they can get under their customers’ skin and step in to help improve their lives.

Think about how you can do the same by helping your customers to:

  • Avoid a problem. Is there a niggling issue that your brand can fix? Whatever the problem, if your brand stands out by offering easy-open packaging, free no-quibble returns or expert advice, customers will see that you understand where they’re coming from.
  • Gain pleasure. If you can persuade your customers that your services will make them happy, they’ll be queuing up to avail themselves of it!

If you’d like to start influencing customers through your brand, I can help. Call me on 07557768107 or email [email protected].

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