How to Adjust Your Brand Strategy During Lockdown

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Over the past few months, the COVID-19 outbreak has brought new challenges to many businesses from a range of industries. With the current climate in mind, it is now more important than ever to keep your brand active and, in turn, build brand resilience. However, with social distancing still in place and other rules and regulations changing, how can you adjust your brand strategy? Let’s find out.

Utilise social listening

During challenging times, it’s important to understand both the conversation surrounding the current crisis and the conversation surrounding your brand and the relevant industry in relation to the crisis.

In order to inform your brand strategy, utilise social listening to review what your target market are saying and to evaluate how your competitors are engaging in the conversation. Find out the challenges your customers are facing and ask yourself, how can I help my customers overcome their challenges?

Review your content

The situation is constantly evolving; messaging posted today may no longer be appropriate next week. Now is the time to be flexible, to evaluate the circumstances and to consistently review and update your content calendar based on changes to rules and regulations and your findings from carrying out social listening. When reviewing your content, it’s also important to ensure that your target market can relate to your brand’s messaging.

Head to the fitness industry and we have a great example of this. Gymshark has changed its name on Instagram and Twitter to ‘Homeshark’, which is, of course, relevant to their target market and also sparks up a conversation about their brand.

Adapt your marketing plan

Rather than halting your marketing plan, it is now more important than ever to continue marketing your business. Focus on what your business can do, and not what it can’t do. Shift your attention to new, online marketing opportunities and incorporate regular social media activities into your plan. This will ensure that your business remains active, as well as helping to build brand awareness.

Build genuine relationships

Connect with your target market. Engage with others by commenting on their posts and let them know how valued they still are by your business to help build trust. Arrange virtual meetings and host online seminars with your social network. There are so many ways you can sustain your relationship with your customers, as well as build relationships with new customers.

We are seeing an abundance of yoga teachers and other fitness experts who have adapted their services to continue to engage with their customers online, whether that’s through daily fitness classes on Zoom or weekly mindfulness sessions via online podcasts. Not only has this been a brilliant way to sustain relationships with and support current customers, but creative online efforts have also been successful in attracting a whole new customer base locally and globally!

Uphold your brand values and brand purpose

As you alter your brand strategy in light of the current climate, now is the time to take a look at your brand values and your brand purpose and ensure that these are captured in your evolving strategy. Delve deep into your brand values and remember the purpose of your brand so that there is direction behind in your marketing, social media posts and other communications.

Plan ahead

Over the past few months, many businesses have adjusted to these challenging times. Miss Ballooniverse is a great example of a successful brand who have adapted their services to now offer colourful balloon skill classes over Zoom, perfect for virtual birthday parties. Many other brands, including ASOS, have introduced new products such as their NHS charity T-shirts to help support local NHS trusts and communities.

Whilst a number of businesses have been successful in adjusting to the lockdown, it is now crucial to plan ahead and define your approach for when the lockdown restrictions are lifted, and normality begins to be restored back into our lives. Put yourself in the shoes of your target market and consider what they will desire from your brand. This puts your business in a better position to successfully meet their needs and even exceed their expectations of you as a brand.

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The adjustment of a brand strategy is a challenge that all businesses are facing in the current climate. Remember, keeping your brand active is the key to building brand resilience. Need to discuss and assess your brand strategy moving forward? Get in touch for a 60 mins zoom brand audit £175 + VAT and get more clearer on what the next steps are for your business from a fresh pair of strategic eyes!

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