3 Examples of Excellent Business Branding

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If you want to build a successful brand, take inspiration from the greats. By examining their secrets, perhaps you too will create a big brand that endures through the decades! Here we take a look at three examples of fantastic business branding from some of the heavyweights in the field.

Coca Cola: always iconic

Business branding: coca colaIf you challenge your friends or colleagues to name a famous brand, chances are Coca Cola will come out on top. And for a company that has been trading for over 125 years, that’s no mean feat. So, just how did Coke manage to create such iconic business branding and what lessons can we learn from its success?

  • Distinctive logo. A supremely familiar image, the original Coca Cola logo hasn’t changed much at all through the years. Still recognisable today, the distinctive, cursive script appears on those uniquely shaped bottles, just as it did all those years ago.
  • Seen everywhere. Coca Cola’s early marketers understood that ubiquity is worth investing in. So, they gave away free samples and promotional gifts right from the start, to get their product known, recognised and loved on a large scale.
  • Changing with the times. While Coca Cola started out as a medicinal elixir with branding championing its health benefits, in the 21st century the focus has shifted. As a sugary drink in the age of obesity, Coke has worked hard to remain relevant by developing the Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Life brands whilst consistently sponsoring big sports events including the Olympics.

Business branding: AppleApple: designed to be different

Apple is one of those brands that simply ‘feels’ different from the competition. Totally unique and with a confident and distinctive brand personality, Apple’s branding values prize simple design and people-focused usability above all else.

  • Unique offering. When Apple computers first came on the scene, they brought something new and consumer-focused to a hitherto business-dominated market. Unafraid to change the climate of the time, the company’s innovative approach was repeated in the 21st century with the game-changing launch of the iPod in 2001 and the revolutionary new iPhone in 2007.
  • Products do the marketing. One of the most powerful strategies in business branding is to let your products speak for themselves. Each of Apple’s user-focused, desirable items is a mini advertisement for the company. Apple products connect with people on a personal level and engender intense loyalty among their customers.

Virgin: shaking things up

Every now and then a new brand comes along, shakes things up and makes the industry a lot more interesting. That’s always been the raison d’etre of Virgin, whose charismatic founder Richard Branson firmly believes in blazing a trail rather than following the crowd.

  • Business branding: VirginChallenging the status quo. Got something new to say? If you say it in the right way, people will sit up and listen. Business branding is, in some ways, much simpler if you have a new idea to tout, because this will help you stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Connecting through personality. Brand personality is important because people tend to forge relationships with their favourite products through instinct and emotions. If you have a distinctive personality, you’re more likely to attract loyal customers who want a relationship with your brand.

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