All You Need To Know About Brand Mindfulness

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What is brand mindfulness and how can it help your business? In this article I’ll explore the concept and explain how practising mindfulness can bring significant benefits to your brand.

Understand things as they are

A fundamental principle of mindfulness is to tune in to the here and now, paying attention to the world just as it is. In a business climate where you’re always thinking of your next big goal or rushing to meet a deadline, it can be instructional to just stop and contemplate how things are, right here and right now.

Practising brand mindfulness by taking stock of the market and your business environment will help you to stay in tune with your audience, pick up on new developments and ensure that your brand keeps up with changes in the world – because you are focusing on things as they are, rather than making assumptions and drifting out of touch.

Stay authentic

Brand mindfulness can help you to create a solid, three dimensional brand that feels dependable and authentic. That’s because, by understanding your values and living them in every way – from social media posts to packaging – you’ll create a consistent brand that customers can get to know and begin to trust.

You can look inwards and understand your brand values more clearly by undergoing a brand discovery process which will help you to clarify your purpose and live your brand values in everything you do.

Unlock your creative side

Some of the most inspired ideas come to us when we are relaxed. By practising meditation at work and taking the time to let your mind wander, you are likely to improve your problem-solving abilities, think up new innovations and bring a fresh approach to business.

If brand mindfulness were adopted as part of your company culture, imagine how positive and creative your business could become as a result.

A multi-sensory approach

When practising meditation, we are encouraged to use all five of our senses to pay attention to the world around us. In brand mindfulness, we can use the same principle to adopt a multi-sensory approach to branding.

Rather than just focusing on the visual aspect of your brand, think about how consumers perceive you on other levels. Consider the distinctive smell of a Lush cosmetics shop, or the audible snap of a Kit Kat. These are powerful sensory stimuli that are associated directly with those brands. And while these examples may not be directly relevant to your business, there will be multi-sensory equivalents that are.

Improve your interactions with others

A mindful approach to customer interaction can help brands to stay connected to a loyal audience, which will reap its own rewards in repeat custom.

Many businesses don’t truly listen to their feedback and customer complaints, finding short-term ways to appease irate clients rather than truly addressing the issues at hand. Equipping your customer service team to remain present in the moment, engaged with the points a customer is raising, and positive in their responses, will result in happier staff and happier customers.  Consider offering mindfulness training to employees, to help them stay positive at work.

Read more about mindfulness in business or contact me on 07557 768107 for more information.

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