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I help businesses to create, awaken and rediscover their brand. But what makes my process different?

Building a strong brand starts with building strong relationships

I wholeheartedly believe that the strongest brands are built from truly understanding the business, and the people, behind them. I first discovered the importance of this concept when running a creative agency in Malaysia, which I did for 10 years, before returning to the UK to manage the marketing and design for my family’s business. Overseeing the branding process from both agency and client-side gave me a unique perspective: that behind each brand are people, and it’s those people who form the real differentiator.

What links every brand – from SMEs and start-ups, to solo entrepreneurs and big corporates – is the need to produce impactful and insightful communications. I believe the key to achieving this is getting to know every client properly, to know their story, personality and goals: the things that drive them to keep going. I consider this to be the heart and mind of a business. And it’s my job to capture it, design it and communicate it.

People work with people, which is why real experience matters

In my professional life, I’ve worked on all sides of the branding process. I’ve been a designer, creating beautiful visual identities. I am a qualified Personal Performance Coach, supporting professionals with achieving their goals and developing as people. And I am also a consultant and strategist, having established my brand communications consultancy.

This multi-faceted experience helps me to truly understand and support you and your business throughout all stages of your branding journey.

Sharing and Learning

I ask my clients to share their story with me. So it’s only fair that I share a little of my story with you…

The more we share, the more we have

Over the years, I have grown my network of contacts and built long-lasting, credible relationships with people from all sorts of different businesses. If you’re looking for a specific supplier, there’s a good chance I might know just the person you need. Just ask!

I’d like to ask you to share your knowledge with me. Continuous learning is important to me, so if you know of a great place to go, some brilliant people to meet or an inspiring TED talk to watch, do share!

With that in mind, take a look below at some of the lesser known things about me…

My eclectic mix of experiences so far…

Black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Played a football match at Wembley Stadium

Stargazing in Hawaii

Learnt to surf in Bali

Firewalking on coals 2000 degrees hot! (no I didn't burn my feet)

Skydived for charity (12,000ft) It was exhilarating!!

A few things on my bucket list…

See the northern lights

Go to a yoga & meditation retreat

Learn to snowboard

Visit Rio Carnival

Chill in Bora Bora!

And some other stuff…

Qualified Personal Performance Coach (passed with a glowing Distinction)

Non Executive Board Director of St Albans Enterprise Agency (STANTA)

Member of WIBN (Women in Business Network) Marylebone Group

Member of Platinum Point

Member of Institute of Directors (IOD99)

Member of Sister Snog

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