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My brand purpose

To educate and empower small business to take ownership and lead with their brand mindfully. 

Your brand is your business

I believe a strong brand has the potential to have a positive influence and impact to people, society and the world

Based in London, I am the Owner and Founder of AP Brand Communications.

I have experience of working with business leaders, companies and organisations locally, nationally and internationally, covering a wide array of different industries. Alongside this, I achieved a diploma (distinction) in Personal Performance Coaching and a DISC in personality profiling accreditation (distinction).

Throughout my professional life, I have met a number of business owners and entrepreneurs and I love hearing their stories, finding out why they’re doing what they’re doing, how they got there, their passion, their successes and their challenges.  In effect, all the things that drive people to strive for more, for better.

Every person behind a business is different, even if the product or service offering is just the same as the competition. What drives me is being able to bring out that difference.  I consider this to be the heart and mind of a business.  It’s my job to capture it, design it and communicate it. I enjoy listening to people and building positive, meaningful relationships that go the distance. By doing so, I am better able to deliver a brand that feels right and has real meaning.

Through my coaching, consultancy and design services, I enable businesses to:

  • Create an authentic and meaningful brand
  • Create a brand identity that aligns with their brand + business goals
  • Help to build a brand culture for employees aligned to the business, its values and purpose; creating a brand culture that employees feel aligned with and are proud to be part of
  • Achieve brand clarity, focus and direction
  • Turn brand doubt into brand confidence
  • Accelerate their business growth
  • Understand value proposition
  • Make informed and strategic decisions for the business
  • Work outside of their comfort zone to discover unique opportunities.
  • Synchronize and develop their marketing and communications strategies

I believe a strong brand is something that has the potential to have a positive influence across all areas of a business. It can impact people and outcomes in many different ways. In helping businesses / owners to work from the inside out of their business brand, I empower them to discover their true brand purpose, vision, values, and key brand attributes.

Through this way of thinking, I enable my clients to take ownership of a purpose-led brand as oppose to sales-led brand, and this is incredibly fulfilling for them and me! These changes can make all the difference in in what they do, how they do it and the results it provides. People invest their time, effort and money into their brand, and I want to ensure they do this with focused thoughts, intention and purpose aligned to their values and beliefs. Operating from a state of purpose, in sync with your true brand personality helps people progress and succeed.

Sharing and Learning

I ask my clients to share their story with me. So here’s a few things about me…

The more we share, the more we have

Over the years, I have grown my network of contacts and built long-lasting, credible relationships with people from all sorts of different businesses. If you’re looking for a specific supplier, there’s a good chance I might know just the person you need. Just ask!

I’d like to ask you to share your knowledge with me. Continuous learning is important to me, so if you know of a great place to go, some brilliant people to meet or an inspiring podcast or talk to watch, do share!

My eclectic mix of experiences so far…

Black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Played a football match at Wembley Stadium

Stargazing in Hawaii

Learnt to surf in Bali

Firewalking on coals 2000 degrees hot! (no I didn't burn my feet)

Skydived for charity (12,000ft) It was exhilarating!!

A few things on my bucket list…

See the northern lights

Go to a yoga & meditation retreat

Learn to snowboard

Visit Rio Carnival

Chill in Bora Bora!

And some other stuff…

2020 selected top 100 F:Entrepreneur #iAlso, UK

Qualified Personal Performance Coach (passed with a glowing Distinction)

Non Executive Board Director of St Albans Enterprise Agency (STANTA)

Member of WIBN (Women in Business Network) Marylebone Group

Member of Platinum Point

Member of Institute of Directors (IOD99)

Member of Sister Snog

Time to rediscover and awaken your brand? Let’s talk

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